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My Approach

  • Proactive in finding sustainable solutions in all areas of tourism development.

  • Always seeking cooperation with brands, companies & potential partners to better achieve sustainability. 

  • Ensure that equality and respect are the foundations of my work. 

  • Approach work with transparency and a culture of openness. 

  • Applying dedication, commitment, reliability & accountability in all areas. 

  • Taking responsibility for and minimising my own impact by utilising locally-owned accommodation whenever practicable, travelling by train where possible and staying longer on assignment to avoid 'fly in fly out' routine. 

  • Striving to build strong relationships within local communities to better understand, learn, adapt and assist. 

I acknowledge that to achieve my work, I will leave a carbon footprint. Below I share my current work travel carbon footprint. I offset this annually with Atmosfair. 

949kg CO2

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