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Isabelle Robertson
Sustainable Tourism Consultant

Shaping Sustainable & Responsible Tourism

From Australia, based in Austria, flexible to work internationally. 

Isabelle possesses comprehensive and relevant academic qualifications, complemented by wide-ranging practical experience in related fields. Isabelle graduated from the University of Queensland, Australia, in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Geography.  In 2019, she achieved a Graduate Diploma in Planning and Management of Natural Hazards from the University of New England, Australia.  She has also continued her studies in areas such as Business Management, Mandarin Chinese and Sustainable Tourism Development.  


Early in her career, Isabelle gained invaluable practical experience working in a range of customer-facing hospitality roles before moving into a senior international management appointment with Red Bull Air Race.  In her position as Race Team Manager for Red Bull, Isabelle developed high-level skills in areas such as manpower and logistics management, relationship and team building, and event and project management.  This demanding and internationally diverse role also enabled Isabelle to refine her skills in digital marketing, communications, and establishing mutually-productive sponsorship and partnership deals.


With her strong sense of social responsibility combined with a desire to achieve positive social outcomes and enhanced protection of the global environment, Isabelle left Red Bull in December 2019 to refocus her experience and skillset on sustainable tourism, an area in which she has since been working closely with development organisations in the Western Balkans.

Isabelle is very comfortable working within local communities in rural areas and thrives in dynamic challenging environments. Originally from Australia and now living in Austria, Isabelle has a passion for the outdoors... and has been fortunate in her travels to experience first hand the impacts of tourism around the world. 

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